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  1. doctress says:

    Hello brothers and sisters in the Lord!

    I would be so happy if you could play this wonderful new song in COP-Radio:
    Lawrence Dotson – The Light

    God bless you all!

  2. Eric Teye says:

    This is what the Lord said He will do because we’re praying His Will

    Exodus 33:17 (NIV)

    17 And the Lord said to Moses, “I will do the very thing you have asked, because I am pleased with you and I know you by name.”

  3. mikeAZUMONYE says:

    I have never been a radio fan but radio COP changed changed that…thanks

  4. Maxwell Kwesi Nyatsikor says:

    My soul is uplifted anytime i listen to the soul inspiring programmes/songs on this channel.God continue to use this channel to bless us.

  5. Priscilla Adupong says:

    Good morning, can you pleaser one of my mum’s favourite songs called Its All About You

    • Priscilla Adupong says:

      good morning, can you please play one of my mum’s favourite song called Its All About You

  6. JENNY B says:

    Hiya, the radio isn’t working. I’ve tried several times and on PCs and laptops but it doesn’t seem to be working. If this could please be checked out, that’d be great.
    Thanks 🙂

  7. Stephen Donkor says:

    Please I have not been able to listen to the radio for a while (the past 4 months), though I have been told what to do to listen to the radio, still the radio (listen live) is not working. Please studio technicians could you check this, in case there is a bug that needs fixing to enable me and other listeners enjoy the great programs of the station.

    Thank you.

  8. Ben Addo says:

    Hi media folks;

    The ‘ listen live ‘ button is not working for me. Is anyone else finding it a problem or its just me…
    Kindly check it out please.

    Love to all the sons of God at the studio.

    Shalom shalom…!!!!

    Eld. B. Addo

    • admin says:

      Hello Elder, thanks for letting us know.

      We will work to get this fixed as soon as possible

      In the mean time, you can click on the play audio button in the image above and you should be connected.

  9. Edward Akuffo Badoo says:

    When the youth are leading programmes like this is a strong indication that the church has a future in Scotland. God bless you all
    Eld Akuffo

  10. Ben Addo says:


    Everyone there in the studio this morning…. your song choice and selections is waooooh! am loving you guys always. More annointing for you…!!

    Elder Ben Addo

  11. Harry Osei says:

    Wow God bless u all for this wonderful page it is very encouraging to see the Church of od moving foward..
    And Lerry God Job.. call me for new KEYS.. ^^

  12. Stef Opps says:

    Lb mep3 de3 woye no. SAA! Thanks boss!


    Thanks to our brother in Christ, Bro Larry for an afternoon of amazing gospel jams. God bless you and everyone involved in keeping the radio running!

  14. Jennifer B says:

    Loving the Unashamed program- great gospel rap with music from Lecrae, Flame etc.
    God bless you LB for this awesome opportunity to bring people to Christ through hip hop.

  15. Afia B says:

    Thank God for the good work He has started with us. I’m really enjoying my saturday afternoon with the gospel jams Dcn Benedict is giving us.

  16. abi says:

    i think we can do with a bit of explanation into todays readings cos itz a very interesting topic. for example , what is the acceptable thing to do in this century? cover ur hair or those were for the ancients.

  17. Emmanuel Obeng Atuah says:

    You guys are doing great job and keep it up. The fire is burning. See you guys some day.

    Elder E Obeng Atuah

    • Ernest Nyarko says:

      God bless you Elder Emma for your encouraging words. I believe you and the entire family are keeping well by His grace. Regards to all.


    • Ben Addo says:

      Elder Atuah,

      Great to hear your support for the inspiring work the Lord is doing in Glasgow.
      Hope you and family are well and good.
      Love to all.

      Elder B Addo

  18. Naomi Boakye Danquah says:

    this tells us about the supremacy of the power of God. sometimes the devil polishes certain things for us to look like its from God. But as christians we should be vigilant about things which we think comes from God.

  19. Freddie Millar says:

    Yep! nobody else can give us such joy, love you Lord with all my heart and soul.

  20. Ben Addo says:

    To Elder Eben Kissi (media committee chairman) and all the men and women working hard, day and night at the COP Scotland Radio station to ensure success;

    May the Holy Spirit continuously abide in you and instruct you. May the creative power of the Holy Spirit release in you creative abilities beyond what you ask or think. May the Holy Spirit grant you insights, revelations and direct you in your programme planning sessions. May the technical capabilities and knowledge of the Holy Spirit be upon and rest on you. Finally may the Holy Spirit quicken your intellectual minds as you fulfil enormous sacrificial obligations to draw us and all listeners closer to GOD through this blessed radio station.

    Elder Ben Addo

    • Stephen Kansuk says:

      God bless you all for your visionary leadership. So excited to know how the Lord is transforming the Ministry in Scotland. Please kindly accept my regards. Kansuk

  21. Barbs Baah says:

    Yes its a NEW season… thank you Lord for how far You’ve brought us!!!!!!… My highlight in 2012 are so many to mention- this year God proved Himself to be very faithful and so I know that He will also make 2013 greater!

  22. LYDIA ODURO says:

    I believe the two can be blend so far as the fashion aspect does not lead to the down fall of men especially in the should be fashion for Christ but not the world.feel comfortable in what u wear but remember there are some dresses that do not qualify us as Christians.And for that matter we must try to do away with such ones.God bless u SHEILA

  23. gifty says:

    God bless u all 4 de gd job u doing

  24. P. Opoku Bonna (KB) says:

    Osofo, we have been enjoying your programme today. We have all been blessed by the careful selection of your songs.
    Come on Agya, keep the fire burning. you are doing a great job.
    Stay blessed and regards to the family.
    Happy New Year to Ps. Lord, Elder Charles, and all the family in Scotland.
    God bless you. Bonna, England.


    We thank God for this amazing opportunity to share his Good Word with others.
    And God bless all who are in involved in making in possible.
    Tune in people!

  26. jim rae says:

    Good morning to all my friends in the church

  27. mrs Theresa Odoom says:

    This is what we need to lift our spirit up God bless you the church of pentecost scotland and the workers of the radio station may God give you more wisdom to operate the radio station

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