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A mechanic,Bruce Van Natta,who was crushed beneath a truck

A mechanic,Bruce Van Natta,who was crushed beneath a truck

A mechanic, who was crushed beneath a truck, had an ‘out of body experience’ where he saw himself being tended to by eight-foot-tall Angels. Bruce Van Natta, 42, fromWisconsin,USA, says he only recovered from catastrophic injuries, because of divine intervention.

Bruce Van Natta – Saved by Angels – mechanic Bruce saw himself being tended by eight foot tall beings.

The self-employed mechanic was looking for the source of an oil leak beneath a jacked up logging lorry, when the jack collapsed, and the full weight of the 4.5 tonne axle fell on top of him. In the moments after the collapse, Bruce had the presence of mind to call out ‘Lord help me’ twice. But with the left side of his midriff crushed to the thickness of just one inch, Bruce suffered terrible injuries.

However, despite the horrific extent of his injuries, and the fact that he was medically dead for some time following the accident, Bruce confounded doctors by making a full recovery. He claims that that his survival is down to a series of supernatural interventions, which began when he lost consciousness beneath the truck. It was at that point that he experienced an extraordinary sensation. He said: “My spirit left my body and went up in the roof of the garage. My spirit was up there looking down, at perfect peace.  “I realised there was a huge angel on either side of my body.” Bruce says that the Angels were about eight feet tall, very muscular, dressed in white robes. “There was a light shining off both of them, they were identical in appearance, like matching bookends. The angels had their arms positioned under the truck, angled toward Bruce’s body. Bruce watched them tend to him until paramedics arrived some 30 – 40 minutes later. When they arrived he had no pulse. But despite his injuries, Bruce immediately began to make a remarkable recovery – astounding emergency doctors at the hospital which received him. Trauma doctors later told him: “We were looking at the CT scans of a dead person. You were dead; but your eyes were open and your heart was pounding like a 20-year-old man running a marathon. “We couldn’t make sense of it.”And Bruce believes this is down to the ministry of the two Angels who were with him during the emergency and intervened to keep him alive, despite him having numerous severed arteries and veins, a crushed pancreas and spleen, three broken vertebrae, and an obliterated small intestine.

And more miracles were to come, as Bruce was warned that because most of his small intestine was missing, he could only expect to live for a year. “They told me they could only feed me intravenously for a year and then I would die,” he said.

Meanwhile inNew Yorka man called Bruce Carlson heard about Bruce’s plight, and began to feel that God was asking him to fly toWisconsinto pray for Bruce’s healing.

Bruce said: “He showed up at the hospital and prayed for me.” Carlson’s prayer was simple and bold: “Lord, I add my prayers to all the other prayers for Bruce. In the name of Jesus, I command you small intestine to grow back right now.” Instantly, Bruce felt an “electric shock” and heard a snap. “Electricity, the power of God came right out of his hand and went into my intestines. I could feel them rolling around,” Bruce said. “It felt like a snake came uncoiled inside my stomach.  “I felt something cylindrical rolling around and moving inside my stomach.”

Doctors later confirmed, through x-rays and CT scans, that the small intestine had more than doubled in length. And not only did the intestine grow back, it worked perfectly. His pancreas and spleen also rejuvenated themselves. “I’m in great health now,” said Bruce. “God is real and He is still doing miracles today.”

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